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Small-Land Mambrino

 The late
Small-Land Mambrino


Small-Land Maytino

Small-Land Extra Time

Small- Land Maytino
Photo by Anthony Reynolds LBIPP, LMPA

Small- Land Extra Time

 Millwood Ecuador
Welsh Sec.B

photo by


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Small-Land Maytino
Bay 14.2hh 1994 WPBR   PBA

 Some of his Show Wins include:

Champion Riding Pony Stallion Or Colt NPS Champs 2003 and 2006.

Supreme Champion West Midland Stallion Show 2002.

Also shown in 1997 as a 3 year old: Supreme Champion Riding Pony Balanced Horse Feeds Championship.
Supreme Champion In Hand Ponies UK Masters.   

Photo By Anthony Reynolds

Cusop Fingerprint

Cusop Discipline

Cusop Flamingo

Cusop Destiny

Cusop Feriel

Bwlch Valentino

Fascination of Boyne

Small-Land Gazelle

Small-Land Mambrino

Downland Mohawk

Gazelle TB

Small-Land Mayday

Downland Romance

Gazelle TB

BRPSB 6845S-VOL.64 - WPBR 5810 (25%) - PBA 0368/1996 (15.63%) - LIC.No-5064 (WPCS)

His Winning Stock Include:

Small-Land Rialto
Photograph by Real Time Imaging

Small-Land Rialto

Sire- Small-land Maytino
Dam- Small-land Maywind

153cm Intermediate Show Riding Type
1st and Champion Area 6 spring and
1st and Reserve Champion Cheshire County 2005.

Small-land Dreamaway -14.2hh - Champion open show pony Royal Lancs 2004, Placed HOYS 2004.

Westhill Vanity Fair:  14.2hh Supreme Champion Show Pony BSPS Champs 2003, Placed HOYS 2004. - See Photo Gallery

Stanley Grange Royal Appointment - In-hand Hack of the year 2003 at the Hack Championships.

Harlaw Simply The Best
Photo By Equestrian Photographic Services

Harlaw Simply The Best

Sire: Small-Land Maytino
Dam: Mynach Sandalwood

6th 14.2hh Show Pony HOYS 2003 Champion Royal Highland 2003

Ridden By Joanne Coltart

Halvanna Masterpiece:
Successful 14.2hh show pony, 1st and Champion BSPS Championships 2005,
 Champion NPS Championships 2006 and placed HOYS 2006.

Small-land Tap Dance: Champion 14.2hh yearling colt in 2006 including NPS Championships

Palmfield Star Time: Qualified Breeders challenge HOYS 2001 and Small Intermediate SRT   HOYS 2002 and 2003

Littlesprings Miss Muffet: Qualified HOYS 2002 13.2hh Show Pony and 2003

Blue Tina: A major winner in hand including N.P.S Championships.

           Longriver Eternity

Longriver Eternity

Sire: Small-Land Maytino
Dam: Longriver Isabella

3rd 158cm S.R.T Royal International Horse Show 2003,

 Champion Intermediate North Of England,

 Qualified HOYS 2002 - 2004
Ridden By Allison Embleton

Qualified HOYS as Large Hack 2004,2005

Stanley Grange Amusement: Champion in hand at many shows.

Stanley Grange Flutes: Successful novice 14.2hh show pony. Qualified RIHS 2004.

Longriver Aristocrat: Champion in hand and under saddle. Qualified HOYS 2003.

Aberbrwynen Royal Christina: Champion in hand and under saddle including ponies UK Champs.

Small-Land Daytime: A Champion in hand and under saddle.

Small-Land After Dark: - Many times Champion Yearling 2004. 1st NPS Championships.

Small-Land Daybreak: 13.2hh Youngstock Champion at NPS Championships, Area 2A ridden show pony points Champion.

Small-Land Extra Time
1998 12.1hh Grey WPBR

Lightly Shown in 2000

1st and Reserve Champ W.P.B.R West Midland Stallion Show

1st and Champion W.P.B.R NPS Area 29

1st and Reserve Champion Riding Pony Carms  WPCS Spring Show .

Small-Land Showtime

Small-Land Amadeus

Small-Land Mambrino

Milkwood Anita

Small-Land Festivity

Small-Land Mascot

Downland Filigree

Small-Land Alisia

Small-Land Mascot

 Small-Land Mambrino

Small-Land Mayday

Milkwood Anita

Cusop Dignity

Rotherwood Society Girl

RPS 730 VOL 30 WPBR 6623 (37.5%) Licence No-6495 (WPCS)

Some of his progeny:


Grey Yearling Colt to make 12hh

Sire - S. Extra Time
Dam - S. Kristabel

Only shown 3 times 2010:

1st and Champion 12hh youngstock - NPS Championship Show
2nd - Pembrokeshire County
1st and Reserve Champion overall  WPBR - National Welsh Championship Show Malvern


Small-Land Joyful:

Champion 12hh Riding Pony Breeding at NPS Championships 2003.
Shown 6 Times as a yearling 6 firsts and Three Championships

Small-Land Joyful

Small-land Cockatoo - Champion 12.2hh Yearling including 1st NPS Championships 2004

Small-land Spellbound - 12.2hh Yearling. Champion Royal Welsh winter fair 2004.

Turfbury Cocquette: Winner and champion as a foal to 3 year old.

Mallaen Eticate: Winning Foal at Welsh National Foal Show 2003, Reserve Champion Royal Welsh winter fair 2004.

Small-Land Hotspot
photo by Summers photographic

Small-Land Hotspot:

12hh Yearling - Winning at Pembs County, United Counties and Royal Welsh Winter Fair.

Foal by Small-land Extra Time

Foal by Small-land Extra Time

Millwood Ecuador
Welsh Sec.B
Chestnut  12hh  2007

photo by

At his first ever show ( May 2012) he was Champion Section B
Winning the WPCS Bronze Medal

Laithehill Mustard Seed

Laithehill Oberon

Heaton Romeo

Laithehill  Ophelia

Laithehill Titania

Abercrychan Spectator

Laithehill Cordelia

Downland Eloquence

Downland Krugerrand

Downland Chevalier

Downland Camelia

Downland Eglantine

Downland Chevalier

Carnalw Evergreen

His first progeny to be shown:
Small-land Colour Change

Yearling to make 12.2hh
Sire- Millwood Ecuador
Dam - Small-land Eternity (by S. Extra Time)

At his first and only show to date he was
1st and Champion at St Clears Agricultural Show 2012

photo by

Small-Land Amadeus
Black 13.1½hh 1988 WPBR

Small- Land Amadeus

Sadly we lost Amadeus in December 2005

Very Lightly Shown, His wins include:

1st & Reserve Champion Riding Pony Stallion Ponies UK 1993
1st & Reserve Champion Riding Pony Stallion West Midland Stallion Show 1993 
1st & Reserve Champion Riding Pony Stallion West Midlands Stallion Show 1994


Small-Land Mambrino

Downland Mohawk

Downland Romance

D. Water Gypsy

Gazelle TB

Blarney Stone

Peggy O'Neil

Milkwood Anita

Cusop Dignity

Bwlch Valentino

Norwood Delilah

Rotherwood Society Girl

High Society

Happy Breeze of Rotherwood

BRPSB 1773 WPBR 4344 (25%) Licence No - 250 (NPS)

His stock are Champions both in hand and under saddle:

Aberbrwynen Royal Diamond
Photo By Real Time Imaging

Aberbrwynen Royal Diamond

Small-Land Amadeus
Aberbrwynen Minuet

13.2hh Show Pony Champion Of Champions B.S.P.S Champs 2001 & 2003, Champion Blue Riband 2002. Qualified HOYS many times.

Ridden By Isadora Welby


Eskdale Merchant of Venice: 12.2hh Show Pony-1ST and Champion BSPS Champs 2005, Qualified HOYS 2005,2006,2007

Small-Land Gilt Edge: Supreme Champion 14.2hh Show Pony. Qualified HOYS. 14.2hh Champion of Champions B.S.P.S Champs 2003.

Groundhills Heirs And Graces:13.2hh Show Pony County Winner in Hand and Under Saddle.

Barkway Toccata: County Winning Leading Rein Pony.

Small-Land Amethyst: Winning 13.2hh Yearling Royal Welsh.

Copybush Catch The Dream

Sire - Small-land Amadeus
Dam - Carolinas Catseye

Champion 14.2hh Show Pony

Small-Land Amusment

Sire: Small-Land Amadeus
Bryntowy Gwennan

Winner of W.H.P, Eventing and Show Jumping Classes

Ridden By Angus Humphrey


Small- Land Amusment

Small-Land Figaro: Champion 14hh S.H.P.

Small-Land Love Token: Champion 12.2hh Yearling.

Turfbury Master Cooper: Royal Welsh Winning Yearling.

Small-Land Casio: Champion 14hh S.H.P

Small-Land Mambrino

Lightly shown wins include:
1980 1st & Reserve Champion West Midland Stallion Show.
1980 1st & Champion Ponies of Britain Stallion Show.
1984 1st & Champion Ponies of Britain Stallion Show.

Small- Land Mambrino

Downland Mohawk

Downland Romance

Downland Roundalay

Downland Love In The Mist

Downland Water Gypsy

Downland Dauphin

Downland Love In The Mist

Gazelle TB

Blarney Stone


Molly Malone

Peggy O'Neil


Westthorpe Peggy

Some of his winning stock that come to mind:

Longriver Black Orchid Longriver Black Orchid
Overall Supreme Champion Show Hunter Pony
at BSPS Championships 2005.

Royal Bronze: 14.2hh Show Pony - Reserve Pony of the year 1993 & 1994 -
Supreme Ridden Champion Royal International Horse Show 1993.

Small-Land Moonwalk: 15.hh - Champion Hunter Pony of the year Wembley 1994 .

Touch Of The Tobies:  14hh Hunter Pony of the year Wembley,
Champion All British    S.H.P B.S.P.S  Championships 1994.

Small-Land Musket: 13.2hh Show Pony 3 times winner Royal International Horse Show

Sion Brian: Champion 14hh Hunter Pony of the year Wembley 1992, 1993 & 2002.
Champion Show Hunter Pony Royal International Horse Show 1993.
Twice overall Supreme S.H.P. at B.S.P.S Championships.

Small-Land Martina: 13.2hh Show Pony - Novice winner Royal Windsor,
2nd Royal Of England,
4th Horse of the year Show 1989.
Went on to become a broodmare at the Courtland Stud.

Sandbourne Madonna: 14.2hh Show Pony- Star Wembley Pony of her time

Elwair Musician: 14.2hh Show Pony- Wembley Qualifier many times.

Cauldwells Artful Dodger: 14.2hh Show Pony Wembley Qualifier many Times.

Copybush Quotation, Quadrille and Quita: Champion Pony Broodmares.

Buchan Flower Girl: Reserve HOYS  in hand Qualifier at National  Arab Show 1989.

Llangeitho Crown Prince: 13.2hh Stallion-
Champion West Midlands Stallion Show 1985.

Small-Land Evita: 14.2hh Show Pony - Champion Cumberland County 1994.
Horse of the year show Qualifier 1992 & 1994.

Small-Land Fairplay: 14hh Hunter Pony of the year 1986.
Champion working Hunter Pony Royal Welsh 1987.

Small-Land Stormboy: Reserve 15hh Show Hunter Pony of the year 1988.
Champion Working Hunter Pony Royal Welsh 1988 & 1989

Downland Chancellor: Winning Show & Advanced Eventer with 82 points. 
Grade B Show Jumper

Small-Land Maymaster: Successful Show and Intermediate
Event Horse with 43 Horse Trial Points.

Tommy Crow: Successful Intermediate Event Horse.

Bladon Porgy: 15hh Champion Show Hunter Pony And Winning Hack.

Mr Stubbs: 15hh Working Hunter Pony and Event Pony.
Qualified Horse of the year show 1994.

The Late Small-Land Mascot :  13.2hh Supreme Champion Himself.
Sire of Supreme Champions. ( exported to Australia)

Small-Land Amadeus: 13.2hh Res Champion West Mid Stallion Show 1993 & 1994.
Sire of Ridden Champions.

Small-Land Moonriver: Champion Show Hunter Pony.

Broteifi Morse Code:  Champion S.H.P & W.H.P., Qualified H.O.Y.S.

Aberbrwynen Moondancer: Champion Intermediate Show Riding Type.
Qualified H.O.Y.S.

Weirton Delfino: British National P.B.A Champion and Reserve Templeton Qualifier.

Cot Springsong:  Champion S.H.P.,  Qualified H.O.Y.S.

Longriver Morning Glory: Champion S.H.P

Small-Land Expression: 13.2hh Show Pony. Qualified R.I.H.S

Small-Land Nightspell: 14.2hh Show Pony 1st HOYS 2003 3rd HOYS 2002

Sion St Daniel: 14hh S.H.P Supreme Champion BSPS Championships 2001

Highmead Interest Free: Champion at R.I.H.S

Highmead Set Free: 13.2hh Show Pony -  Qualified H.O.Y.S.

Highmead Sanderling: 14.hh S.H.P Placed 3rd and 8th HOYS.

Highmead Special Agent:  14hh S.H.P Qualified HOYS.

Highmead Duty Free: Successful Stallion in Holland.
Unfortunately died due to an accident

Small-Land Castaway: Gold Medal Winning Event Pony in Italy.

Sian Carousel: Champion 14hh W.H.P Qualified HOYS.

Aberbrwynen Moonlady: Champion 14.2hh Show Pony.

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